Research in Lubombo

Current Research

The LHRU collates a list of all know health research being conducting in the Lubombo Region and beyond. This list can: 

  • Help you link with others researching the same topic

  • Help prevent you duplicating research

  • Provide contact details to help you find out if you can use the research findings


To access this research database click HERE

How to undertake research in Lubombo, Eswatini

Undertaking research is important and rewarding but getting started can be daunting. Our 'How to guide' gives practical details about undertaking research in Eswatini including choosing a topic, applying for ethical approval and how to be culturally sensitive.


To read our 'How to guide' click HERE 

Future Research

When choosing a research topic it is important to consider the National Research Agenda. This agenda will guide you towards research needed and prioritised by Eswatini.


To view the national research agenda click HERE 

Stakeholders across Lubombo have helped to define a list of their top 5 research priorities for 2019-2020. When choosing a topic, please consider these local priorities.  

To view the list of region research priorities click HERE

Other practitioners and policy makers have provided examples of research they would like to be undertaken. If you are interested in undertaking any particular projects, please contact us. 


To view the list of potential research click HERE

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